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Hi, I would like to introduce the new product I recently tried.

There is no doubt in our minds that the 9 inches recycler water bong with an inline diffuser is the best rig we have come across. The rig is made from high-quality Borosilicate glass and features 12 tubes and inline diffusers. It also has a thick bowl for a 14 mm female adapter and has a metallic tinted glass. This bong not only looks cools, but provides a smooth smoking sensation that will delight all smokers. If you’re shopping for a bong, this one is highly recommended.  Available in Black, Gold, Silver and Grey. With email subscription in the footer menu of our main page you will get a 15% discount code. Shop now!

On an other part, this products is easy to smoke with and give you a sensation of control. It has also a very artistic design and could be seen as a art piece in your home. well, for people that know nothing about bongs but this product is very cool. 

Color wise, If you like the colors on the picture it's great cause honestly in real the colors are nicer (except the gold one). I really like much the grey or the black one. These are my personal thoughts with colors but I guess some other people like also the silver one. Each color seem to glow at the day light it feels amazing to really see the difference of colors between day perspective and night perspective.



The Silver one seem to be more white/clear then silver take a look:

In Conclusion:

On my personal view I pick the black in second the grey. Also the glass of these bongs doesn't seem as fragile as similar items. Also if you get one of those my subscribing your email you will get a 15% off discount code, I suggest that you do so, in my next article I would propose you my top favorite bongs and also big news about a new High end product, coming soon. Stay tuned!

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