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9" Genie Metallic Twelve Tube and Inline Diffused Recylcer

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There is no doubt in our minds that the 9 inches recycler water bong with an inline diffuser is the best rig we have come across. The rig is made from high-quality Borosilicate glass and features 12 tubes and inline diffusers. It also has a thick bowl for a 14 mm female adapter and has a metallic tinted glass. This bong not only looks cools, but provides a smooth smoking sensation that will delight all smokers. If you’re shopping for a bong, this one is highly recommended.

  • Stemless
  • Bent neck
  • 4mm thickness banger for 14 mm female adapter
  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Cost-effective price
  • Thick four inches base
  • Includes an inline diffuser
  • 12 water recycled tube