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<strong>CANDY ASS RELOADED</strong>
As part of my fictional porn star names collection, here is Candy Ass. Everybody has an <gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-3" id="gwmw-15647308809568108788363">ass but</gwmw> a Candy Ass is an evolutionary wonder to behold... <gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-1" id="gwmw-15647308813941995083091">and</gwmw> <gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-1" id="gwmw-15647308813944424976602">savour</gwmw>! Upscale buns deserve to be celebrated and caressed. Makes a great gift!

• Ceramic</span>
• 11oz</span>
• Dishwasher safe</span>
• Microwave safe</span>
• White, glossy</span>
<span>This sturdy white, glossy ceramic mug is essential to your cupboard. This brawny version of ceramic mugs shows its true <gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-1" id="gwmw-15647308912358649914761">colours</gwmw> with quality assurance to withstand heat in the microwave and put it through the dishwasher as many times as you like, the quality will not be altered.</span>

<span>All thermal sublimation prints are made to stay. Very durable print technique.</span>
<span>• Hand wash</span>
<span>• Dishwasher safe</span>

<strong>HIGH-QUALITY PRINTING</strong>
<span>Thermal sublimation</span>
<span>The design is transferred to a special foil and then heat-pressed onto the product. Inked surface.</span>

<strong>SPECIAL ORDERS</strong>
<span>We do special orders. Please contact us at for <gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-1" id="gwmw-15647309032332660430227">enquiries</gwmw>. Love, Joan.</span>