STAY HIGH Warm Up Beanie

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<strong>STAY HIGH</strong>
If you can’t unsee and you can’t unhear, what are you supposed to do? Stay high.
Is reality overrated? Change it. Stay high.
Do you wish to explore new worlds in your mind’s universe? Stay high.
Does your spirit waltz to music while your heart is smiling? Stay high.
You can’t decide if you want to be high or low? Stay high...
at least for a little while longer.

A comfortable, warm knit beanie. Shameless during the cooler seasons.

• 60% cotton/40% acrylic
• 12" in length
• One size fits all

Designed not to fade, our embroidery is of the highest quality. Please note the following recommended care instructions.
• Beanies should always be hand washed in cold water
• To avoid any form of fading, machine drying is not recommended.
• Lay flat to dry
• NO iron
• NO Dry cleaning

Using Polyester thread, a technique where stitches are embroidered flat on the hat. Highlight small details.

<strong>SPECIAL ORDERS</strong>
We do special orders. Please contact us at for enquiries. Love, Joan.